Automation through better accessibility

The ecoZ performs cost-intensive loading and unloading without obstructing access to your machine tool.

Our newest product, ecoZ, effortlessly adapts to the widest variety of tasks.
Thanks to its compact design and positioning on the machine tool, it does not obstruct ergonomic access. It can be effortlessly positioned on different machine tools for reliable loading and unloading and palletising of your workpieces, 24 hours per day. The ecoZ can be quickly and easily adapted for production in very small series.

e___bersicht_tabelle_ecoz.jpg*Weight may vary depending on the robot manufacturer and robot type

Utilise the ecoZ for your production processes - quickly, flexibly and universally

The right size for every application! Operating at the heart of the ecoZ 200, ecoZ 300 and ecoZ 400 is a robot tailored to the workpiece weight, which is able to develop an exceptional sphere of activity due to its inclined installation. The right-angled positioning in front of the machine tool guarantees the optimum working range of the robot.

The safety area can be optionally protected with a laser-monitored Speed-Zone or a protective fence. Operation of the ecoZ is simple, by means of a mobile touch panel. The workpiece storage palletiser is accessible on both the machine and cell side, which enables operation during ongoing production.

Due to the compact design, the ecoZ can be effortlessly used on multiple machines in alternation.

The advantages

· More economical procurement price with low spatial requirements
· Laser-monitored safety area, alternatively safety fence
· Compact design for variable use on different machines
· Loading and unloading also with small-batch production
· Storage loading and unloading accessible on both sides with ongoing automation
· Optional processing functions
· Different cell sizes available