Be it the magnetic stand or the deep hole inspection light, the original eromobil accessories guarantee even more convenience during operation.

Magnetic stand

For eroding large magnetic workpieces. With bracket and special flange for accommodating the oscillating head. Traversable slide, upper part can traverse and swivel.


WiFi inspection camera

With a length of 80 mm, the camera's neck is ideal for illuminating holes that are difficult to access or are deep after erosion. A free app can be used to transfer the view directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC.


Oscillating head socket

MK-2/MK-3 for direct mounting in the spindle sleeve.


Drift punches

For easy removal of tool residues after erosion. Available in diameters 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0 mm.


Stationary radial erosion unit

- Quick to use, as no conversion of the erosion device is necessary
- Flexible positioning of the erosion head
- Erosion of large workpieces and slanting drill holes possible
- Wastage and defects during production are avoided, time and cost savings are achieved
- For processing small (front table) and larger (rear table) workpieces


Starter Case

The new eromobil® starter case
contains the optimum equipment in
terms of the materials and tools you
need when using your eromobil®.

The starter case contains:
1 WiFi inspection camera: Ideal for illuminating awkward-to-access areas (only supplied in the COMPLETE starter case)
1 set of hollow copper electrodes ø 1-10 mm
1 set of collets ø 1-10 mm
1 set of drift punches ø 2-6 mm
1 vibration head retainer MK-2, MK-3
1 clamping nut
10 vibration head splash protection bags
1 precision vernier calliper
1 coolant pump suction basket complete with check valve and threaded coupling
2 open-end wrenches SW 19, SW 24 mm
1 set of tweezers: for removing the residue after the erosion process
4 hose clamps 9 mm
1 straight shank retainer ø12 mm