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An overview of our sports sponsorships

Sports sponsorships have always been a very important part of our family-run business. For example, HandlingTech has already supported a DTM team back in the 1990s. After that, the company backed the super bike rider Harry Fath from Holzgerlingen in the form of the Hutzel Racing Team. Today, HandlingTech is partnering with the Nordic combined athlete Manual Faißt, with TVB 1898 Stuttgart and SV Stuttgart Kickers.

Manuel Faißt in front of HandlingTech company building

Manuel Faißt

Nordic combined

With Manuel Faißt, the three-time Junior World Champion of SV Baiersbronn in the northern Black Forest, for the first time ever, HandlingTech supports an individual sportsman. Manual Faißt has been wearing the HandlingTech logo at the ski jump starting line since November 2018.

TVB 1898 Stuttgart

1. Handball Bundesliga

Because the “wild boys” in the Hutzel family are themselves passionate handball players, since 2016, HandlingTech has been supporting the “Wild Boys” in their plans to establish themselves in the strongest league in the world.

HandlingTech sponsoring partner of SV Stuttgarter Kickers

SV Stuttgarter Kickers

Fourth division soccer

HandlingTech has been a sponsoring partner of SV Stuttgarter Kickers since 2014. Going forward into the fourth division season 2018/2019 as well, HandlingTech has given its promise of support and has extended the partnership for yet another year. The unity to the “Blue Team” is a longstanding tradition. Eberhard Hutzel had supported the team in every league it played in. In addition to professional soccer, HandlingTech also supports the club’s first men’s handball team.