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HaTPad - simply achieve more

Operate your systems even more intuitively and create added value with the additional functions and networking options. With the aid of the HaTPad you configure your workpieces and processes to fit your needs yourself and minimize your equipping and training times in the process. Central access to all data relevant to the operation also simplify the continuous optimization and support in the event of any unexpected problems.

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Easy operation without any prior knowledge.


Can be adjusted to your parts and processes.


Keeps your processes under control at all times.

Consistent operation

The HaTPad can be integrated in all of our platforms, offering a consistent operator experience in all of your systems. Short learning curves and minimal conversion times when switching from one cell to another. Even when using different robot makes the user interface remains familiar and easy to understand.

Intelligible information

Thanks to the HaTPad’s structured operator interface that can be configured to your specific requirements you will always have a clear overview of your running processes.

With the help of the Cell Messenger and the Logger function, you and our support team can also respond quickly and effectively to unscheduled incidents.

Expand intelligently

In addition to the extensive range of basic functions the HaTPad can also be adjusted better to your needs with a series of standard modules and customer specific expansions. The flexible port to your connected machines and upper-level systems (MES, ERP, etc.) makes your system a future-safe element for your networked production (Industry 4.0).

▼ Available expansion modules

Apps & functions

In its standard version the HaTPad already offers a variety of useful apps and functions, that make working with your machines much easier. In addition, the HaTPad can also be adjusted to your specific requirements and, if necessary, also expanded.

Intuitively control your system via the HaTPad. The universal operator interface can be flexibly adjusted to match your specific needs. In addition, with the Cell Messenger and Logger you are informed of the most current system statusat all times.


  • Clear view of the System Controls
  • Machine Data Visualization
  • Cell Messenger
  • Logger
  • Preparation Checklist
  • Expanded Home Run

The PadStyler gives you the option to extensively configure your HaTPad and the processes to be controlled with it. You can assign the relevant sequences to your range of parts and save them so that they can be quickly pulled up.


  • Configure interfaces
  • Configure cell controls
  • Configure processes
  • Manage configurations


The Application Manager is your entry into the world of the HaTPad. With a press of the button, you can start the apps you require, manage the permissions for all users and take a look at the documents you stored.


  • Start applications
  • Manage users
  • Create backups
  • Document library
  • Cleaning mode

With the aid of the remote maintenance tool, a number of potential problems can already be diagnosed before a service technician even arrives, and potentially even be remedied. An investment that quickly pays for itself.

In addition, to a certain extent even moreapplications you may need can be installed on the Windows-based HatPad. This makes the HatPad an even more powerful control center of your processes.

Expansion modules

Make your HaTPad even more powerful with our feature-rich expansion modules.

Manage all workpieces, workpiece carriers, grippers and jigs for the automation of your mixed product production. For example, think about the handling of RFID-tagged pallets or workpieces that have a DataMatrix code applied. The robot detects the relevant workpiece type automatically and idependently follows the corresponding procedure up to the selection of the relevant machine program.

Acquire your operating data in the robot cell and make the data available in the form of an export file (CSV) or via an OPC-UA interface for further processing.

Trace all of the parts that were handled (Tracing) incl. measurement data management for logging your relevant process data. Output as a CSV file or via the OPC-UA interface.

The roboChat-module provides the ability to exchange data (tracing, observation points, etc.) between several HaTPads. This is especially useful if the system cannot be controlled from a central point due to its size.

Technical specifications

Details may vary depending on the specific project

Touchscreen size 17" - more sizes on request
Available languages German - English - French - Czech - Polish - Romanian - Dutch - Chinese - more on request
Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 LTSC
Compatible platforms ecoZ - SRZ - palletZ - IRZ
Compatible robots FANUC - KUKA - Stäubli - YASKAWA MOTOMAN - more on request
Network connection LAN + WLAN
Remote access service TeamViewer - more on request

Variable platforms

Our storage and process modules can be integrated easilyand flexibly in our automation platforms. Find out which solution best meets your needs.

Infinite Service

Even after the purchase of your new system is complete, you can rest assured we will continue to support you. Our Service Team is here to help any time if you have questions or problems.

Consultation next to a HandlingTech robot cell

We are happy to consult you

Let us know the challenges you face in your production. We work with you to provide the right solutions and take care that they are implemented.