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Standard storage solutions for any workpiece

Especially where short cycle times and a high level of autonomy is concerned, how parts are supplied, removed and stored is of critical importance. So, the right storage solution should be reliable and flexible enough to meet your requirements. To accomplish this, HandlingTech offers you a wide range of proven standard solutions that can be integrated easily in our availableplatforms.

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2-Way Pallet Slider

Easy and good - Feed new parts to your system parallel to main time .

Vertical Storage Drawers

Use this space saving solution to store up to 14 (differently) equipped workpiece carriers.

Pallet Master

Ideal for the feeding/removal of workpiece carriers on floor rollers or pallets.

Pallet Bays

Use our pallet bays for feeding/removal using (Euro)pallets.

Drawer Storage

Your workpieces on several levels in our drawer storage.


Through logistics automation using AGVs make your production cells flexible connect with each other.

Our storage modules keep your production running

With the aid of our standard storage solutions, a continuous flow of material is guaranteed. In addition, all systems allow main time parallel equipping, ensuring that your production never stands still.

Considering the versatility of the available storage options, we can guarantee we will find the most cost effective solution for you. A high level of autonomous production, large variance, short changeover times or a combination of other priorities - anything is possible.

Equip your system automatically or manually without interrupting the ongoing process. Mechanical separations or visual safety devices ensure the welfare of your staff.

Our storage solutions are not only integrated seamlessly in our cells, but also in your existing processes. No matter whether you prefer using your existing workpiece carrier or if your intention is to optimize all of your logistics processes we provide you with the most suitable solution.

Variable platforms

Our storage and process modules can be integrated easilyand flexibly in our automation platforms. Find out which solution best meets your needs.

Integrating process modules

Make your automation even more powerful and integrate additional processes.

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We are happy to consult you

Let us know the challenges you face in your production. We work with you to provide the right solutions and take care that they are implemented.