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palletZ - far-reaching possibilities

Use the palletZ to handle your very heavy parts. With load capacities of several hundred kilos and almost unlimited expansion options with an optionally integrated traversing axis, our platform concept not only completes your solution, it optimizes it. No matter whether your needs relate to workpiece handling, pallet handling or a combination of the two - the palletZ is your ideal automation solution for large and heavy tasks.

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Enormous amount of space for workpieces, processes and storage.


Effortless handling of heavy pallets and workpieces.


Ideal for linking your processes and machines.

Large and yet compact

Our palletZ offers adequate space - even for your large workpieces and clamping pallets. Yet despite the generous amount of spacenot a single square meter is wasted. In addition, the circular design ensures that the range of your robot is optimally utilized. All of this in an integrated and easy to place cell.

Workpieces or pallets? It doesn’t matter...

No matter whether you would like to use your automation for handling workpieces, clamping pallets or tools. The palletZ offers you the best platform. Even the ability to combine the handling of various objects is easily accomplished. Moreover, the added value of the cell can be increased even more by the ability to integrate additional machining steps according to your specifications.

Optional integration of traversing axis

Even more space and range by integrating an optional traversing axis. With it, you can operate a number of machines, expand your capacity and/or link a complete production line.


The palletZ is recommended for both fully-automatic loading and unloading of machining systems as well as for integrating additional processing steps - especially for large and/or heavy parts.

Potential handling objects:
Workpieces, clamping pallets and/or tools

Ideal batch sizes:
Small to large

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Technical specifications

Details may vary depending on the specific project

Integrated robot(s) 1+
Max. robot load Approx. 700 kg
Robot makes FANUC, KUKA or based on customer specifications
Possible machine connections 1+
Data interfaces PROFINET, PROFIBUS, PROFIsafe, Ethernet, Hardware, IO-Link, etc.
Storage solutions Shelf storage, pallet bays
Main time parallel equipping Yes
Integration of additional process modules Yes (see process modules)
Integration of HaTPad Optional
Custom adjustments possible Yes
Safety Integrated cell concept with laminated safety glass and transponder coded safety switches

Not exactly what you need?

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