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Compact and accessible.

With the ecoZ you can automate quickly, compactly and flexibly - especially for small and medium-sized batches with a workpiece weight of up to 20 kg. The manual processing of smaller intermediate series is also very easy with free access to the machine. The perfect symbiosis between automation and worker!

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Permanent access to your machine tool.

Space saving

Full performance in just a few square meters.


Maximum variety of workpieces with minimal set-up effort.


Open to new.

Thanks to its modular structure, the ecoZ can be quickly and flexibly converted to handle new parts. Thanks to the safeguarding by means of a laser scanner, access to the connected machine remains completely unobstructed, so that it can also be used for the manual production of selected small series or individual parts if necessary. Instead of the laser scanner, conventional protection by means of a safety fence is also possible on request.

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NOTE: The systems shown are sample configurations and applications that can be adapted in many ways to your own needs. If you have any further wishes or requirements, please contact us. We would be happy to develop an individual concept and offer for you. ► Send project request


Support when you need it.

The ecoZ is particularly recommended to support your workers when loading and unloading machine tools.

Possible handling objects:
Workpieces, clamping pallets and/or tools

Ideal batch sizes:
small to medium

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A lot of performance in the smallest of spaces.

With the ecoZ you can automate your production in the proven HandlingTech quality. High-quality components, outstanding design and a wide range of customization options for optimal adaptation to your automation needs.

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Integrated robot(s) 1
Max. robot load Approx. 35 kg
Robot makes FANUC, KUKA or based on customer’s specifications
Possible machine connections 1
Data interfaces PROFINET, PROFIBUS, PROFIsafe, Ethernet, Hardware, IO-Link, etc.
Storage solutions Drawers
Main time parallel equipping Yes
Integration of additional process modules Yes (see process modules)
Integration of HaTPad Optional
Custom adjustments possible Yes
Safety Laser scanner or safety fence

Specifications can vary depending on the project.

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Perhaps one of our other platforms would be a better match to your requirements.

Easier with the HaTPad

With the HaTPad, operating your system is as easy as ever. With intelligence and connectivity, it is also ready to tackle any Industry 4.0 challenge.

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