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ecoZ - compact and accessible

With the ecoZ your automation will be quick, compact and flexible - especially for small and medium batch sizes with workpieces weighing up to 20 kg. Because of the unobstructed access to the machine, manually producing smaller intermediate series is also no problem at all. The perfect symbiosis between automation and machine operator.

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Constant availability of your machining system.

Space saving

Full performance on only a few square meters.


Maximum workpiece variety with minimum equipping effort.

Optimally positioned

Load your machining system from the front, without blocking access to the machine. The optimized setup ensures that no valuable production surface is wasted.

As an employee approaches the system, its speed is initially slowed down. As soon as someone comes into the direct danger zone, the cell is safely brought to a standstill. Once everything is okay, the robot can then ultimately resume working at the same spot it stopped.

Production with no interruption

Your ecoZ not only loads your machine without breaks or distractions, but it can also be re-equipped from the rear during operation.

This allows both small and large batch sizes to be produced without interruption.


We recommend our ecoZ especially to support your staff with the loading and unloading of your machining systems.

Potential handling objects:
Workpieces, clamping pallets and/or dies

Ideal batch sizes:
Small to medium

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Technical specifications

Details may vary depending on the specific project

Integrated robot(s) 1
Max. robot load Approx. 35 kg
Robot makes FANUC, KUKA or based on customer’s specifications
Possible machine connections 1
Data interfaces PROFINET, PROFIBUS, PROFIsafe, Ethernet, Hardware, IO-Link, etc.
Storage solutions Drawers
Main time parallel equipping Yes
Integration of additional process modules Yes (see process modules)
Integration of HaTPad Optional
Custom adjustments possible Yes
Safety Laser scanner or safety fence

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