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Added value by integrating additional processes

Improve not only the utilization of your processing machines, but also that of your robots. With the aid of the process modules integrated directly in your production cell wait times can be reduced to a minimum and can further increase not only the effectiveness of your system, but also its efficiency.

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Clean your parts and prevent inaccuracies and carryovers.

HandlingTech process module: measurement and testing

Measuring / testing

Minimize your scrap check your parts right after machining.

Process module marking


Label your workpieces for seamless tracking.


Easy machining steps can also be integrated in our cells.


Save time. Just let the robot assemble your product.


You can also integrate many more processes. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us.

Our process modules make your production even more cost efficient

Ensure that your robots are fully utilized and make sure they don’t simply finish simple handling tasks, but beyond that can create even more added value.

Align your processes to one another to ensure that there are absolutely no wait times. We provide support with cycle time analyses, among other things, and provide you with suggestions on how you can improve the process even more.

By combining several process steps in a single automated production cell, you can avoid unnecessary transport routes and shorten your lead times.

The fully automatic machining without the need for another manual clamping improves the precision and continuity of your parts. In addition, testing and measuring equipment can be easily integrated in the cell so that the machined workpieces are not only consistently checked, but any deviations can be returned to the connected systems, where applicable also directly as correction values.

Variable platforms

Our storage and process modules can be integrated easilyand flexibly in our automation platforms. Find out which solution best meets your needs.

Easier with the HaTPad

With the HaTPad, operating your system is as easy as ever. With intelligence and connectivity, it is also ready to tackle any Industry 4.0 challenge.

Consultation next to a HandlingTech robot cell

We are happy to consult you

Let us know the challenges you face in your production. We work with you to provide the right solutions and take care that they are implemented.