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Freedom & efficiency.

With the IRZ you are only slowing down the limits of physics. Build your perfect robot cell exactly as you want it or as your spatial conditions dictate. Full design freedom and maximum efficiency. Just what you need, exactly how you need it.

Use a variety of our tried and tested standard modules and benefit from quick implementation, reliable quality and an ideal cost-benefit ratio.

► Explore your individual advantages


Can be used for any application and batch size.


Layout and function exactly according to your wishes.


Only what you really need for your process.


(Almost) everything is possible.

The individual design of the IRZ platform makes the systems suitable for various applications and space conditions. Loading machines, palletizing, inspection and much more. The freely definable layout can also be integrated into almost any part of your production. Compact for smaller tasks and batch sizes or expanded (e.g. with rail extension) to automate several machines and processes as well as large batch sizes with corresponding storage requirements.

Possible handling objects:
Workpieces, clamping pallets and/or tools

Ideal batch size:
small to large

► Discover possible applications in your production

Not exactly what you need?

Perhaps one of our other platforms would be a better match to your requirements.

Easier with the HaTPad

With the HaTPad, operating your system is as easy as ever. With intelligence and connectivity, it is also ready to tackle any Industry 4.0 challenge.

Consultation next to a HandlingTech robot cell

We are happy to consult you

Let us know the challenges you face in your production. We work with you to provide the right solutions and take care that they are implemented.